Why is our Delivery List locked for Fall & Winter? Read about it:

It is hard to believe that McDonalds Urban Farm has been doing weekly Egg Deliveries since March! It has been really fun for me and also a really important part of making this small business work. And now, although it still feels hot and sunny to us humans, the plants and animals know that Fall is upon us. The nights are cooler and the days shorter. The summer crops are starting to die back and the pumpkin and winter squash look green and vigorous.

Chickens lay fewer eggs in the Fall and Winter. A lot fewer sometimes. Egg Farmers can put artificial lights on laying hens to keep them laying in the Winter and I even used to do this when I had just a few hens. But nowadays, as I better understand and feel the cycles of nature and how they rule the roost around here, I don't see the need to push the hens' bodies through what is their natural downtime. We will not be offering eggs to new customers during this time. Try us back in the Spring!

Reserve your quantity and your delivery date. You don’t have to be home. Pay by cash (doorstep), check or Venmo (@Amelia-Mcdonald-3)

And let us know if you want to make this a regular habit….

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